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What Is MythCraft?

MythCraft is a new TTRPG universe and game system featuring complex character creation, rich combat, and a huge eon-spanning universe. It is a d20-based system that will feel familiar to experienced role-players and exciting to first-timers. Combat utilizes an Action Point system that seamlessly blends tactical gameplay with a rich narrative experience. MythCraft offers a “medium crunch” experience: it is very customizable and character creation is a detailed process, but you won’t need a calculator and spreadsheets to play it.

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Start Playing Today

The MythCraft TTRPG Wiki has all of the rules for players and all the content, setting information, creatures, and adventures for GMs. This resource will remain free for everyone, forever If you’d like to support us check out our store or our patreon.


Character creation tools, professions, lists of talents, magic, gear, and other assets to aid your quests.


Creatures to attack your heroes and resources and advice you can use to run epic MythCraft campaigns.

Official Podcast for the MythCraft TTRPG!