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1st Edition Core Rulebook – Physical Copy

1st Edition Core Rulebook – Physical Copy


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A hardcover copy of the 1st Edition MythCraft Core Rulebook, a 300+ page guide to character creation from levels 1-30 and all the rules you will need to embark on your next epic roleplaying saga. This hardcover includes the corresponding PDF.

Within the pages of this tome, you will find everything you need to create heroic characters for the MythCraft role-playing game. Choose from countless combinations of lineage, background, and talent options to design exactly the character that you want to play.

The Core Rulebook is an essential for any game master or player. In addition to extensive player options, this book also contains all of the basic rules that you need to play the game.

MythCraft offers you a uniquely customizable role-playing experience. As you explore grand fantasy worlds, you must rely on your diplomatic words, your keen senses, and your sharpened steel. Your actions have consequences, and your legacy may be heralded or decried for generations to come.

Vast, undiscovered realms await you. What myths will you craft?

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